1976 GMC Model T8H-5307A-3939:  From Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago, Il. - 51 Transit Seats, VS-1 auto trans, 8V71 Detroit Diesel (Last 5307 US built)

This bus was the last T8H5307A produced in the US.  Actually it was suppose to be the last US build fishbowl, but Wausaw placed a last minute order to be the last.  9799 was very unusual with wood grain side walls and newer type seats.  These buses had power steering and a solid driver window.  This bus was delivered with solid windows and then later was changed to opening type.  I purchased this bus from the CTA after waiting one year.  This was an over the counter sale (very large counter) and the only fishbowl sold to a private party.  The people their wanted to see it saved.   When I got the bus, it needed work.  We drove it all the way to California at 50 MPH but surprisingly, not many problems.

Sold to Chicago Bus Museum

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